Thursday, November 5, 2009

21st Century Practices

All right...Here we go! I finally figured out how to put up a new post.

After a wonderful week in Texas lovin'-on Hueston (and Katrina and David) we are back to our normal "routines". I use the term loosely: Right now that includes something really exciting for me. I love the idea of bartering, but don't really have skills I thought anyone would be interested in. One of the families in our new Sunday morning Bible study class (for parents and caregivers of people with special needs; Dick co-teaches, I take names--I mean I'm secretary) is made up of a mom, her kids, and her mother. They have no washer and dryer and not even hooksups, so have been spending $60-70 of their hard-earned money at the laundromat. They didn't want just money but loved the idea of housecleaning for us while their laundry is being done here. I'm thrilled because I'm always behind and have other things I'd rather be doing. They will be coming Monday for the first time. Meanwhile I'm in the midst of coordinating Angel Tree Christmas 2009 at our church, writing letters seeking donations for diabetes research, and doing a major reorganization of the house. That means sorting into trash, stash, giveaway, or sell. Next step for the stash pile is moving everything from wherever it has been located to another room, cabinet, drawer, etc. This is part of simplifying our lives and getting ready to host the 2009 Christmas at the Cowleys which this year will include both children and their children, a couple of nephews, and Dick's sister and her husband. Wish I could say it will be an annual event, but I'm just thankful for this year! But did you notice: I'm bartering, recycling, and blogging! Very up-to date for me!