Saturday, April 24, 2010

Long overdue

I just forget to do this. And it doesn't seem that I do enough noteworthy things. Usually they involve the babies, and you can check out their blogs to get that info. Ok, we had an incredible Christmas with Katrina, David, and Hueston; Matt, Sara, and Emmett; H & E's Great Aunt Carol Anne and Ed; Uncles Tom and Mike; and adoring friend Nara. The little fellas met and gave us all moments to cherish and dreams of happy times to come. More currently, we went to Atlanta about a month ago to babysit while Sara and Matt went to a concert. We had great fun. Again, check out the baby blogs to see pictures. Our biggest new as of late: we bought a new refrigerator last night--and the old one hasn't died yet. We got to thinking that we should probably look into replacing some of our 15+ year old appliances while Dick is still working. It's a white Kenmore Elite, French doors without water & ice dispenser. It won't get here until June 3, so it's a good thing we're not desperate. Next will be a new vacuum. Our whole-house system died a couple of weeks ago. We were about to just get a regular vacuum, until Matt pointed out that the system had lasted 15 years which would not be the case with a regular one. Unfortunately there isn't a local dealer so we're researching. That's about it for now.