Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Post!

Ok, here I go...10/1/09 Starting my first blog entry. Accomplishments so far today: haircut and caught up with Kris; unsubscribed from about 15 e-subscriptions to shorten time spent reading things I really don't need to know; short chat with Matt; checked out Emmet's and Hueston's blogs--what precious little fellows!; made plans for this weekend's debut of our new ministry: SS class for parents and caregivers of people with special needs (We need a name for the class. Any suggestions?).


  1. Sorry, Emmett for misspelling your name in blog #1.

  2. 2nd Blog: 21st Century! Does a blog have to have pictures? I haven't gotten there yet...After a wonderful week in Texas lovin'- on Hueston (and Katrina and David) we are back to our normal 'routines'. I use the term loosely: Right now that includes something really exciting for me: I love the idea of bartering, but don't really have any skills I thought anyone would be interested in. One of the families in our new Sunday morning Bible study class (for parents and caregivers of people with special needs; Dick co-teaches, I take names...I mean I'm secretary) is a mother with kids and her mother. They have no washer and dryer or even hookups and have been spending around $60-70 monthly to do their laundry at a laundromat plus all that time wasted. They did not want just money but loved the idea of housecleaning for us while laundry is getting done. I'm so excited! They will be coming for the first time on Monday. It will be wonderful to have someone keep up with floors and general cleaning. I'm immersed in Angel Tree Christmas 2009, writing letters to seek funds for diabetes research, and doing a major reorganizing of the house, which means moving everything from wherever it is now located to another room, cabinet, drawer, etc. It also involves downsizing (sorting into trash, stash,giveaway or sell) and is part of getting ready to host the 2009 Christmas at the Cowleys! So now I'm really into the current century: I blog, recycle to the extent I can, and I barter!

  3. Ok, obviously I didn't do that right...It ended up as a comment, not a blog. Help!