Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Ready...

Washing clothes; gathering toiletries; doling out Rxs by the day; checking the weather forecast--in Texas...GOING TO SEE HUESTON! We'll leave here on Sunday morning, May 9, and start back on Monday, May 17. Such a long drive, but Papa and I enjoy it. He drives and I sleep, but we also talk, you know, 'captive audience', but we've always liked car travel...except that it really IS too far to Ft. Worth. We do consider it worthwhile! but I've been wanting for about 10 years now to just pleat the United States. Although just at the moment might not be the wisest time, what with the Big Oil Leak. Poor fishermen, poor shrimpers, poor Louisianans and Mississippians and Alabamians and, yes, Floridians, still working to clean up after that terrible hurricane with the beautiful name. Times are hard for many of us. Time is surely growing short. Time to check off check-lists...Lots of things foretold came true. Weather's sure changin'. Time's a wastin', but meanwhile, we're getting ready, going to see Hueston!

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